Thursday, January 25, 2007

How does one get to Blue Sky?

I took a plane, but it was mostly luck.

The events that lead to it are as fallow. I will start from July because that is when I last posted.

July-Finished work as a Character Finaller in Barnyard the movie and then needing a break from it all and some R&R, I decited to help a friend produce a reality base TV series.

August-September- Produced and Coordinated "Abroad" a show about the travel which lead me to Paris and Die, France. Then I took ten days to roam Italy, it was amazing.

I got back home on October 2nd and proceded to work on my reel (it does not stream in IE Use Mozilla or wait like a min to load) . At the end of the month I got a phone call from a friend (Rafael Arce) in El Salvador who needed help with a huge project, so I left on Nov 7 to El Salvador.

As I was leaving I sent out my only reel to Blue Sky Studios here in NY.

November-December- I was a generalist for his company in El Salvador, D' Pixel Factory in which we produced three 1 minute shorts, and one 30 sec spot during my stay there. I stayed at my friend's family's house and his family treated me like their own. I am going back for a wedding on next month.

As I was there I got interviewed by Blue Sky ( a friend of mine who works there put in a good word for me) and eventually the company offered me a job. ( I owe him big time)

So I landed in Cali on Jan 10th and by the 16th I was in NY working :)

I will post the work from El Salvador this weekend. But as you wait for that try a weekly drawing challenge from the guys at work. I posted last week and working on the one for this week. It looks a bit archaic but it was my first drawind on a waccom tablet. Boy do I miss paper and pen.

Thanks for all the support and prayers. I am blessed by God with my friends.