Friday, July 27, 2007

Horton Hears A Who

The preview for the movie we are currently working on (Horton Hears A Who), is finally here.

I am excited about it because it plays in front of all the screenings of The Simpsons Movie, and because I did the set dressing for the last 5 jungle shots, after the Jim Carrey tittle card. Oh and not to mention that the project rocks :)

The HD trailer can be found at

Here are also are some images for the film, released earlier this year.

If you are a color connoisseur please watch the HD VERSION .

I hope you enjoy it :)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

TC_ Capitan Corriente

I wish there were toys of these characters,
they are so fun.

I keep talking about my stay in El Salvador, so you are probably are tired of me mentitoning it. Anyway just a month ago, the Thomas Corriente commercials we where working on there, got released.

There are 13 1 min educational shorts, for the local electric company, based on a series of characters and the mischiefs that lead them to be in danger with elctricity.

These are the original stills with which I left.

Thomas Corriente transformation
to Capitan Corriente.

CC slightly before forming a protective ray.

El Chamus flying toward kids.

El Chamus after being Hit with the CC protective ray.

I loved working on this project. All the work seemed organic
and because it was only two off us I worked in the whole pipeline.
I modeled, rigged, animated, did the efxs rendered and composited .

Although it was very hard work, I wish someday you may
have the same fortune as I did, to work with a friend in a magical project.

Here is a link to all the shorts as they are now . El Chamus model has changed drastically.

Here is the company Site

Las Aventuras de Tomas Corriente

*press VER (it means to see in spanish) to see the shorts.

Versión Alambre VER »
(duración 00:01:01)

Versión Subestación VER »
(duración 00:01:01)

Versión Zapatos VER »
(duración 00:01:01)

Versión Cortando Frutas VER »
(duración 00:01:01)

Versión Sobrecargado VER »
(duración 00:01:01)

Versión Piscucha VER »
(duración 00:01:01)

Versión Cable Pelado VER »
(duración 00:01:01)

Versión Cable Tirado VER »
(duración 00:01:01)

Versión Postes VER »
(duración 00:01:01)

Versión Halar Cable VER »
(duración 00:01:01)

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