Monday, May 12, 2008

Life is Silly.

This post has no images due to the fact that I am writing from my laptop, which I have reformatted recently. With that, I thought I would write the highlight of my weekend, simply because I can't fall a sleep.

I been taking classes in the city to enrich the soul and the mind, and also to move forward on the five year plan. I am starting year number 2, in case you were wondering.

At the moment, I am taking screen writing which I love because deep down in my heart I think I am a writer. Never underestimate the power of denial :). Last Saturday was my first peer review. Gotham, the school I am attending, has this thing they call boothing , which consist of everyone in the class giving you input of your work, as you sit quite listening not being able to respond!!!

"I did not like it" was the first thing the first person said about my work.
"Start with something positive" asked the teacher.
"I have nothing positive to say" was the reply. "I thought it was awful". Ok, the person may or may not have said the awful part, but that is what I heard and in the the best interest of a better story I will say that he/she said it was awful.

Wow, I seriously suck, I thought to myself.

Nevertheless, everyone else liked it. I heard things like "I could totally see this in the theaters", "I was hooked from page One", "Very cinematic".

Of course, there where a few minor things that could have been edited and some format errors but the teacher loved it. So... take that person sitting on seat number 1. Someday when this gets made, I am going to say that you thought it was awful and laugh.


Life is silly.