Sunday, April 08, 2007


This past weekend I did a Flash/AfterEffects animation
for a friend. My animation is going to be projected on the screen of the Tv that kids are watching. The the image on the TV is then going to go out, and the short film is going to start.

Alright, I like the way Flash draws, but I prefer the way After Effects parents layers togerther. I also like the fact that you can scrub and see how things move not having to worry about creating a preview because one has a movie within movie, like in Flash . I could be wrong, so if I am, please corect me.

Here are the rought audio cuts as well as the whole Flash/AE animation uncut.

The film noice effect is only meant for the Godzilla sequence, all to be added in post later. But I added it show you.

Click on the words:



I am working on a bunch of junk, plus the film.

Oh, I just started the screenplay :) for my movie.
Hopefully I will be done in a year.