Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Picture Perfect

The past week, I attended many social events, therefore, I took a lot of pictures.

I had a good camera but because I was using the built in flash and everyone was sweating I got a lot skin glare.

I found a good to tutorial to remove it so I tought I would share.


I am not to happy with their end result because they make the portrait look flat. But I found that you can change the opacity to 50 on the brush and make it look better. The idea is to leave a little highlight to keep the natural glow.



I also played with the curves.

If you are going to do color correction, make sure you have a good CRT monitor, LCDS tend to be bad at color managing. But either way make sure you calibrate your monitor.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Drawings from the street

I have been stuck in my room for 90% of this week going over endless amounts of tutorials, and although I should be animating for the reel, I love the process of leaning something new.

Here are a few sketches from the free world.

I was grabbing lunch, and I had a pad.
Which was given to me by a friend. Thank you Melissa :)

Monday, July 03, 2006

The Illustration

I made this sketch about a year ago when I was working on the book.

Nature facinates me and a child dancing in the middle of a grassy field, enjoying the quite time, is as close to nature one can be.

This is what the first sketch looked like,

and it was about that size.

Then I scaned the drawing and put it into painter and re-sketched the layout.

After that, I made the character to model, and added foreground elements for Dynamics. Making sure not to lose the little girl as the main focus.

After that, I added the midground color.

Then Foreground

Lastly I painted the character and the foreground grass.

I always wanted it to be a peaceful moment but all the foreground leaves started to look menacing, so I removed the big right leaf and blurred the closest ones to us.

This is with what I ended.

Business Card

The end of my contract with the movie is coming and the idea of using the same old business card seems lame to me.

Especially since when I was in college I had four types of business cards.

With that in mind I set out to re_design my cards.

Ivaylo, my artsy friend, suggested for me to use one of the previous sketches as a card.

So I gave it a try.

I am not trying to sell myself as an artist who wants to show artwok at the Met so I felt it was not a good representation of me.

I am going for animation. So I gave it another go, using old art work.

As luck would have it, I ended up liking an unfinished pastel.

This is what it looks like done with printing bleed, I will make another blog for the illustration.