Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Sanguine

Plato once wrote or THE FOUR TEMPERAMENTS, Sanguine being the extrovert, talker and optimist.
I am not sure when it happened or how I evolved to be that, but deep inside, in the darkness of my soul, I still feel like the perfect melancholy, the introvert, the thinker, the pessimist :)

Anyway the reason I am talking about Plato this week is an array of reasons some that have to do with character development and story, so he is fresh in my mind but also because I been a very reflective mood thanks to a book am reading, 1491, it is about the way America use to be before it was "discovered" by Columbus.

Another reason is because I found myself doing cartoon of friends and I started thinking how my character always leads me to accept tasks that others would not , not complaining just examining.

Here are some sketches :)


Giggles (a friend who is studying chemistry)

Ryan a friend of a friend.

I am not sure I captured his essence I might draw him again.

Thanks for listening Mr. Void that is the internet.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Rock

I was at church and when I closed my eyes for one of those pray, mediation or reflection times and I saw this image. What you don't day dream at church ? Alright throw the first stone.

I am not sure if I like my rendering as always I tend to like sketches better.

After thinking about what it meant I started thinking that the robot was me an the rock was all the problems and stress I carry. perhaps it meant nothing but I drew.