Tuesday, December 08, 2009

1. The Geneses of Thought

The Geneses of Thought

“The more complex the mind, the greater the need for the simplicity of play.” James T. Kirk

Think, think, think, think, think, think.... As a polymath there is greater joy than when the neurons in my brain align to create the images we call thought. Now what surprises me is the dance that the brain creates (in simplistic terms) when the right and left side communicate and work together to create a harmonious melody of coherence.


For the past few months I have been working on the beginning stages of a project that involves the simplification of a city. I am not, in anyway, taking credit to making the designs of such simplification but I am rather in the forefront of the implementation of the technology and delivery of such exploration. This got me thinking on what makes a city, how it evolves, how it survives and how closely related it is to a living organism... like grass... like trees... like a forest. I put the though aside for a while, but then by chance I found myself in the mountains the past few weekends enjoying nature, thinking the same thing and then like the biggest reversal to me, since Darth Vader told Luke he was his Father, sounds, images, and theories came flashing through my head.

In the next few months I will be trying to make sense between the correlation of nature and a city from a psychological and artistic point of view in a series I am about to call "The Anatomy of a City". The similarities they share and how they may or may not differ. In a conversation I once had with a friend I said "I look at nature to see GOD" and without skipping a beat she responded "I look at the city."

The current outline is as follows.

The Anatomy of a City

1. The Geneses of Thought
*The Big Idea

2. Emergence
*Radio Lab
*Nature and Growth Patterns
*The Power of a Group

3. Simplicity in the Complex
*Uncanny Calley (Dr. Masashiro Mari)

4. Nature vs. Nurture
*Economic dynamics
*Bridge to understanding Proverty

Don't worry this will all make sense soon.

Monday, August 10, 2009


"Life is the art of drawing without an eraser." --John W. Gardner

I am not sure why I have always correlated art with philosophy. Perhaps because art like jazz, at its best, is the soul trying to communicate to the world what it wants to say.

Now, how we sometimes fail, is trying to correlate that which we think our soul is saying in a language that the general populous can understand.

When we draw, we do not draw what we see, we draw what we think we see. This is an interesting though to have but I did not say it first, how wise is Mr. Vilppu :)

Now after the philosophy of drawing here are line drawings from my digital sketchbook. I will take my camera to work and try to capture sketches from my pad. I think Pencil and paper make for nicer drawings.
2 mins

2 mins

2 mins
At the airport.

Carry a notebook not a computer.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

It has been a while again.
It seem I always start any post with that :)
Again I been busy and have no real art to show and I am only here to encourage you to go see Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. I guess I am also late with that, since the movie has been in theaters for about 3 weeks. I was Lucky enough to have been part of the Assembly department, which does sets.

We take the empty environment after an artist from the design department designs the set and make it look as close as we can to the drawings they provide.
There is a lot of give and take from the design to the actual final look, due to the spacial relation on 3D. It is a fun place to be and the people I work with are amazing.

Here is a photoshopped example I took from the trailer.

I was also lucky enough to do some minor efxs for the movie. My bosses are amazing and teh Fxs department was kind enought to let me try. Thanks to everyone of them.

Movie official site

Here is the preview.

Also if you like games try Tetris Acorn drop.

It is fun and addictive.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning."
-Benjamin Franklin -

It is hard to summarize the last 5 months of absence without tuning to the profound, I been working a lot in the movie we are currently wrapping up and you would be amazed as to what a man can do when he is pushed.

It is also very hard to not consider how much a man has to travel, how little he knows and how fortunate he is. So why am I speaking in code? Becasue all things said we are only as good as the road we have paved and the one we pave in front of us. Art has become a medium of perceptual learning which lead me to the next thing. I am now mostly drawing on a table PC, which is kinda cool and takes drawing to the next geek level but in many ways miss the tactility of paper and pen.

Here are some drawings from around my life.

We had a bird for figure drawing :)

Waiting for the train

More waiting.

On the Train.